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Livestreaming and Vortex Ask Tumblr!!!

Hey guys!

I have two announcements to make today~~

First one is that I'll be live streaming tomorrow (Saturday 14th) as I start inking the first page of chapter 1 of Vortex! :D I won't make a cover for the chapter just yet, but there will be one for the printed version, because there WILL be a printed version in April/May! :D

I'll start the streaming at 10PM SWEDISH time! (+1 GTM)and I'll keep going for as long as I feel I can keep awake~

http://www.livestream.com/lunasartchannel <~~ THE LINK! :D


I made a poll to see if you guys were interested in me starting up an Ask Vortex tumblr blog where you can ask me and the characters in the comic questions and I reply with a drawing~

Now I'm kinda impatient and after 10 people out of 116 has voted HELL YES I started up the blog! :D The askbox will also open this weekend ^^

http://vortexask.tumblr.com/ <~~ THE LINK!!! :DDD I haven't done anything to the design yet, but I will~~ ^^

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