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100 favs and tumblr

VORTEX NOW HAS 100 FAVS!!!!!! YAYS!!! <3<3<3 I couldn't possibly be more happy right now!

Now, as I said earlier~ When the comic get a 100 favs I'll draw something you have requested~~ So far I have two requests which are:

1) A cute scene between Eyrie and Tam involving cupcakes or some kind of sweets

2) The cuddling (Face raping XD) horse as a harpy

You now have one last chanse to give me your input on this!
I'll give you guys until wednesday to give your own suggestion on this matter, otherwise I'll pick one of the above ones ^^


Now! Don't forget there's a tumblr for Vortex where I'll be posting pretty much everything I draw for the comic or with the characters from it! So don't go there if you don't wanna risk being spoiled!

posted by LunaJMS @ October 30th, 2011, 2:14 pm  -  0 Comments

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